What is BBQ Cube

Roasting on an open fire is the oldest universally known method of preparing food. Today, however, barbecue means more than merely cooking. Similarly to the fireside in prehistoric times, it has now turned into a social event which brings people together around the fire where they can eat and have fun in the open. The flavour of the food prepared in this way is unique. What’s more, the atmosphere that builds around the barbecue unites people and adds extra charm to the food.


There is hardly anyone who could resist the scent or the tempting and savoury smell that exudes from the barbecue. Wherever – in the open or in the backyard – grilled food cooked over a live fire is tastier and irresistibly delicious. There is one more advantage to barbecue – you can use it to prepare large amounts of food with minimum effort.


Many believe that favourite food products and a jolly company are the only key ingredients to a tasty barbecue.

You will get some truly delicious barbecue, however, if you are using the adequate firewood for lighting and if you are aware of the right cooking technique.

For all enthusiasts for this special method of cooking, we have thus created 10-min BBQ cube – a functional, reliable, and easy to use product for barbecue lighting.

10-min BBQ cube:
  • Innovative and 100% natural;
  • 10 minutes required to light the barbecue;
  • Ensures high temperature;
  • Provides 90 min of time for grilling;
  • Minimum residue ash;
  • Size: 20 х 20 х 20 cm (approx. 7.8 x 7.8 x 7.8 inches), suitable for cyclists.
BBQ cube
BBQ куб BBQ куб
BBQ куб BBQ куб BBQ куб

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BBQ cube

BBQ Cube

  • Natural



    • 100% of natural product
  • High temperature



  • Very little cinder


  • Long-term burning