What is 10minBBQ?

10minBBQ is an innovative product, 100% natural, that allows you to light up your barbecue and have perfect embers in only 10 minutes. That is precisely why we called our barbecue cube 10minBBQ.

How 10minBBQ works?

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Perfect embers in 10 minutes.

10minBBQ always works - regardless of the weather. You need to light up the wicks, the fire starts immediately and only 10 minutes later you have the embers ready for barbecuing. When you use good wood, high-quality charcoal and you know how to grill you get the tastiest barbecue. Every single time.

10 minutes can change your free time.

Light up the wicks and the embers are ready in 10 minutes. You don't have to worry about anything - you might focus on preparing the tastiest barbecue. The way you and your friends like it.

Become a barbecue master in 10 minutes.

Our innovative wooden 10minBBQ cube starts the fire fast. In 10 minutes you get your embers ready and a whole football game (90 minutes) for grilling. That allows you to focus on grilling and not on getting the fire ready. Even more - right after you become a perfect barbecue master.
100% natural charcoal
10minBBQ is a wooden cube, filled with 100% natural charcoal.
High temperature
10minBBQ starts the fire fast and keeps a high temperature for 90 minutes!
Makes little ash
We use high quality natural charcoal that leave very little ash.
Long lasting burning
10minBBQ gives you 90 minutes grilling time - a whole footbal game!

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Perfect embers in 10 minutes. And another 90 minutes grilling time. The innovative barbecue cube 10minBBQ is filled with 100% natural charcoal and two wicks for easy light up. Useful and easy to carry. Makes little ash.